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Our key? Turn key...
WE’ll conceive it, write it, shoot it, direct it, edit it, produce it, score it, sweeten it and deliver it on time. And all right here. WE have the talent, facility and the resources to accommodate even the most demanding productions on the tightest budgets and schedules. Oh, and did I mention WE have experience?

WE Shoot WE Score!

WE have produced over 500 original musical compositions in the last thirty years. You literally cannot watch TV or listen to radio for 30 minutes, visit the BMW Zentrum, attend a Carolina Panther’s game or visit a Consolidated Theatre without hearing one. Some (Vic Bailey Automotive Superstore comes to mind) have been in continuous use for almost a quarter of a century. Others (Spinx-Making Life Easier) a mere decade or so. Original music can separate your product or service from the competition and lend that certain “signature” that listeners will come to recognize, associate and appreciate. It is that extra special something that’s not for everyone, but it might be for you. Satisfaction guaranteed. And, it’s more affordable than you might think.

Small Company
Big Jobs

WE could fill this entire website with names from our client list, past and present. If you’re impressed by that sort of thing, you would definitely be impressed. But instead of dropping names, WE’re dropping rates. WE know that today’s economy requires resourceful planning, production and execution. WE have the staff and resources to accommodate your budget, whatever it may be. WE know that WE’re only as good as our last job and that the most important job is our ‘next’ one. WE hope it is for you.

WE Are State-Of-The-Art

Suites A, B, C, D and V are all equipped with the latest digital applications and hi-tech audio and video workstations. In our business, technology evolves on a daily basis and WE make the greatest effort to evolve with it. WE use Apple Final Cut Pro in three suites and MOTU-DP7 in three suites, and maintain enough “analog” equipment for the occasional emergency. Our suites “cross- pollinate” on many occasions, as do our engineers (not literally, of course) from audio to video.

We Got Talent!

Through ISDN technology, WE have access to virtually any voice in the world from James Earle Jones to Pee-Wee Herman. Hey, WE’re just sayin’. And thanks to the latest innovations, it’s more affordable than ever before to hook-up. Not to mention, some of the best voices in the biz live right here. Oops, WE mentioned it didn’t WE!